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1510 Workbee Modified

Jan 22, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Some of the things that I have done to my 1510 Workbee Installed Linear rails and bearing blocks with drawings. Installed Ops console Made conversion plates for extruded aluminum to casters Extended z axis travel by a couple inches with steel plates. As of now in the process of installing Lead screws across the 1500mm length.

Mushu - Large Scale CoreXY

May 6, 2019
H-Bot and Core XY
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

20x26x28 inch Build Volume CoreXY. Unlike many builds, I've decoupled the XY movements from the Z-Axis lead screws to help prevent Wobble, will be using linear guide rails, and mains powered bed heater, and a bed that is Allowed to thermally grow. This build is JUST narrow enough to fit through a standard sized doorway.

A simple XY laser engraver/cutter

May 31, 2018
Laser Cutter Builds
Build Progress
Build Complete!

A simple low-cost XY plane laser engraver/cutter inspired by the Much 4 laser build, with minimal parts and assembly time. Uses standard off the shelf components in almost 90% of the build with the exception of the axes motor and wheel mounts which need to be 3D printed.

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