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      This build is based on the Ciclop scanner. I will not be using printed parts as I like tube steel frames.

      I am still in part gathering mode.

      Line lasers from China. $1.93 each, free shipping.

      Powered one up today.
      Will use a Raspberry Pi with a five megapixel camera.


      Waiting on other parts.

      Final part for my 3D scanner experiment, motor driver. Only needed one but got five for $4.99 shipped. Ordered Nov 22 from ShenZhen China. IMG_20151229_211421[1].jpg

      I made some progress with this build. Started breadboarding the electronics.


      It took most of the day to get the Raspberry Pi setup with the OS. Got SSH, FTP, WiFi and the camera working. First picture from Pi camera, does not focus well to close objects.


      It took an amazing amount of time to download, install, and compile the FreeLss code. Got it built and it runs. Just got to get the nerve to smoke test the electronics.


      My keyboard and mouse for the Raspberry Pi


      Tested the lasers. One of the GPIO ports was incorrect, swapped pins and lasers now function. Cool thing is this is a web application so it can be controlled with a PC or Android phone.


      Screenshot of the app on my phone.


      I setup a Linux script to start the web app at power up.

      Need to find 12v power supply to test stepper motor.

      Finally received a power supply off of eBay. Hooked it up and discovered I have problem driving the stepper motor. I am sure I have something wired incorrectly. Going to look for another breadboard to experiment with the stepper driver.
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    Because I do not believe it can actually work.
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