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      The FARM OX is Dual mode/function 4 axis rotary machine (X,Z,A & C) based around two C-Beams. 1000mm and the 250mm. This machine would be controlled by MachineKit powered by a BeagleBone Black.

      To be more specific, a BBB with a DB25 Cape to an 4 Axis Driver board. And teamed up with a small 5~7” Touchscreen to as as a DRO, Control & Status of the machine.

      The last image is a strip of addressable LEDs which will be directly controlled by MachineKit via a custom HAL. It will be use to provide normal lighting and visual status messages of what the machine is doing. i.e. slow pulse green - 'Status Ready'. slow pulse yellow - 'Feedhold'. Hard flash red - 'Error'. etc.

      The scope of this project is to design & build this machine, configure MachineKit- And make a pre-made image that has the correct profile (config/tuning file for MachineKit) To make it ready ‘Out of the box’ so to speak.

      This is a WIP. I am still working on a couple of adjustments to make assembly easier. And there is a couple parts I still need to model in.

      More info will be provided soon.

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    Multi-Rotary goodness.

    Inspired by

    Multi-Rotory Axis Milling/Machining
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