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      This is a lead 1010 build that I wanted to have a little fun with. I purchased the whole Lead 1010 kit, and felt like studying a few shortcomings of the original to see if I can improve it or just have some fun with it.

      Upgrades: My Opinion, not fact.
      • Tying the Y-axis C-beams to the rest of the frame using 1"x1\4" alumunum flat bar. Cut 80mm in length, and with holes drilled 20mm apart. This will connect the outer 2040 supports than run parallel with the y axis to the lower 40mm of the Y-axis C-beam rails.
      • Reinforcing the X-axis C-beam with 1\8"x3"Wx36"L steel on the 80mm flat, and 1\8"x1.5"Wx36"L steel on the inside of C-Beam rail.
      • Changing the Z axis from mechanics that move the entire rail on v-wheels to a stationary C-beam with 3xMGN12H carriages and 2x rails (350mm long)
      • Drilled aluminum plate to support 2x router mounts, and interface with the MGN rails.
      • Inverted Z axis motor kit to reduce overall height, allow the Nema23 motor to help counter balance the weight of the router on the X gantry, and, reduce height for an extended Z axis travel.
      • Additional rail supports parallel to the Y-axis, and to support split MDF for Rocker T-track.
      • Single Y-Axis plate with 3d Printed support and 2x side guide wheels (hard to verbalize, look at photos). 6-top row v-wheels and 3 eccentric v-wheels.
      • 5-pin aviation style plugs, shielded wire, plug\stepper enclosure, and chassis ground throughout.
      • 12mm PNP Inductive sensor endstops running at 24v, custom mounts.
      • Blackbox and IoT relay for controller router, until I can afford a spindle\VFD combo.
      1. Special Notes

        Have fun with it. If it doesnt work well, make it better.
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    • CC - Creative Commons Public Domain (CCO 1+)

    Reason for this Build

    Fun and hopefully making it quite aluminum ready.
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