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  1. jbhurst
    Version: 1.6
    Thanks! These are REALLY helpful. Some observations from my use: 1 - the timing pulleys don't have ridges when imported to Fusion 360 - I think it is in the source, but it may be a Fusion thing. 2 - the assemblies won't import, apparently due to absolute file paths in the references to the component parts on your development drive. That may also be a fusion thing - not sure if they'll import to Solid Works. 3 - Since Fusion 360 is rapidly becoming the preferred free software for home/small business use now that Sketchup isn't free, would you be willing to look in to an official Fusion Library? I think you could import your Solidworks library and add a few folders and tweaks and then just link it from the AD cloud. I already did that, but it has the above problems with a few part details and the assemblies. 4- finally, could we get Solidworks or Fusion 360 models for the full machine kits? I have the Sketchup one for my Acro, but a SW or Fusion one would be much more useful since Sketchup imports to Fusion as mesh that isn't easily editable.
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