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      Idea was first passed onto me by Colin Russon @ http://www.robocutters.com/
      Original idea was with 2 Linear Actuators for X & Y Axis.
      I found that i wanted to draw, but in a simple way.
      Simple to build and simple to work out.

      My idea uses area X * Y as drawing surface, nothing strange their.
      But can it be done with one linear actuator covering 2 dimensions?

      I think so.
      My plan in me head is this.

      1 Linear Actuator length as long as the hypotenuse of the area.
      1 Motor turning in the first quadrant only. going from 0 Deg to 90 Deg.

      Given that you know X & Y you can work out the angle and hypotenuse.


      Drawing in 2D with one Linear actuator.

      If anyone has more then paper CAD i use 'Square paper & pencil'
      Please draw this concept for the people, if you like it.

      If it don't work, tell me why and i will pull it.
      This way i get to learn more.

      Software Engineer BEng (Hons)
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    Inspired by

    People and Art
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