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      Frame will be made out of 40x40 and 40x80 black extrusions.
      y-axis c-beam with special made piranha plates.
      x- and z-axis same as the piranha build.

      VFD 1.5kW spindle.

      I plan to fuse the piranha and the ox-gear plates together and get a linear rail, rack and pinion y-axis.

      I´m completely new too this and i´m not very good with these softwares yet. But i will do my best.
      I would love too get all your help and input.

      I will be learning fusion 360, v-carve and sketchup during the process.

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    Reason for this Build

    My first build with belt driven y-axis didn´t work as expected. So this will be a new better version.

    Inspired by

    piranha build. Ox-Gear 1500x3000
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