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      We all know that 3D printers are great and you can fab all kinds of new brackets and holders but the reality is, every fab shop needs a CNC router.
      This is because when it comes to making flat plates (and you will need them) or 2.5d designs for builds the router can't be beat in time and/or materials used.
      You can mill all kinds of really strong parts from Plexi to Garolite (phenolic board) even aluminum. In most cases less time then a 3D printer can get the first few layers down.

      Routy is a great little starter CNC router. It will teach you how everything works and once you complete the build you will know much more about CNC machines in general for very little cost. A neat feature this machine has is the ability to raise/lower the X/Z axis assembly to allow for thicker materials such as 2" foam board. You don't have to build it this way but by leaving the Y axis towers longer (like shown) it allows you this added feature.

      One really cool aspect of this little machine build is that all its parts are standard OpenBuilds Part Store parts so it can be built without any custom plates.
      Once this machine it built it can be used to make custom parts for all kinds of other machines even stronger routers :)

      This layout is not so much a step by step build, as it is more of a reference of photos to study while using the 3D model for the main understanding of the build.

      Please know that the gallery pictures take a while to load, please be patient.

      STEP 1 - Build the Y axis gantry plates

      DSC02865 (Medium).JPG DSC02866 (Medium).JPG DSC02867 (Medium).JPG DSC02868 (Medium).JPG DSC02874 (Medium).JPG DSC02875 (Medium).JPG DSC02876 (Medium).JPG DSC02877 (Medium).JPG DSC02878 (Medium).JPG DSC02879 (Medium).JPG DSC02880 (Medium).JPG DSC02881 (Medium).JPG DSC02882 (Medium).JPG DSC02883 (Medium).JPG DSC02884 (Medium).JPG DSC02885 (Medium).JPG DSC02886 (Medium).JPG DSC02888 (Medium).JPG DSC02889 (Medium).JPG DSC02890 (Medium).JPG

      STEP 2 - Building the main frame and attaching Y axis gantry plates

      DSC02891 (Medium).JPG DSC02892 (Medium).JPG DSC02893 (Medium).JPG DSC02894 (Medium).JPG DSC02895 (Medium).JPG DSC02896 (Medium).JPG DSC02897 (Medium).JPG DSC02898 (Medium).JPG DSC02899 (Medium).JPG DSC02900 (Medium).JPG DSC02902 (Medium).JPG DSC02903 (Medium).JPG DSC02904 (Medium).JPG DSC02905 (Medium).JPG DSC02908 (Medium).JPG DSC02912 (Medium).JPG DSC02913 (Medium).JPG DSC02914 (Medium).JPG DSC02915 (Medium).JPG
      STEP 3 - Building X axis gantry

      DSC02916 (Medium).JPG DSC02918 (Medium).JPG DSC02919 (Medium).JPG DSC02920 (Medium).JPG DSC02921 (Medium).JPG DSC02922 (Medium).JPG DSC02923 (Medium).JPG DSC02924 (Medium).JPG DSC02925 (Medium).JPG
      STEP 4 - Attaching Z axis to X axis

      DSC02926 (Medium).JPG DSC02927 (Medium).JPG DSC02928 (Medium).JPG DSC02929 (Medium).JPG DSC02931 (Medium).JPG DSC02932 (Medium).JPG DSC02933 (Medium).JPG DSC02934 (Medium).JPG DSC02937 (Medium).JPG DSC02938 (Medium).JPG DSC02940 (Medium).JPG DSC02942 (Medium).JPG DSC02943 (Medium).JPG DSC02944 (Medium).JPG DSC02945 (Medium).JPG DSC02946 (Medium).JPG DSC02951 (Medium).JPG DSC02952 (Medium).JPG DSC02954 (Medium).JPG DSC02955 (Medium).JPG DSC02956 (Medium).JPG DSC02957 (Medium).JPG DSC02958 (Medium).JPG DSC02959 (Medium).JPG DSC02960 (Medium).JPG DSC02962 (Medium).JPG DSC02963 (Medium).JPG DSC02964 (Medium).JPG DSC02966 (Medium).JPG
      STEP 5 - Attaching Z/X assembly to Y axis

      DSC02967 (Medium).JPG DSC02971 (Medium).JPG DSC02972 (Medium).JPG DSC02974 (Medium).JPG DSC02975 (Medium).JPG DSC02976 (Medium).JPG DSC02977 (Medium).JPG DSC02978 (Medium).JPG DSC02979 (Medium).JPG DSC02980 (Medium).JPG
      STEP 6 - Removing Z axis plate to attach V-Slot for router mount
      You do not have to mount V-Slot to the Z plate here. You could instead mount a set of brackets for the dremel to attach to.

      DSC03035 (Medium).JPG DSC03036 (Medium).JPG DSC03037 (Medium).JPG DSC03041 (Medium).JPG DSC03042 (Medium).JPG DSC03043 (Medium).JPG DSC03044 (Medium).JPG DSC03045 (Medium).JPG DSC03046 (Medium).JPG DSC03047 (Medium).JPG DSC03048 (Medium).JPG DSC03050 (Medium).JPG DSC03051 (Medium).JPG

      STEP 7 - Attaching electronics holder cross brace and box

      DSC02991 (Medium).JPG DSC02992 (Medium).JPG DSC02993 (Medium).JPG DSC02994 (Medium).JPG DSC02995 (Medium).JPG DSC02996 (Medium).JPG DSC02997 (Medium).JPG DSC02998 (Medium).JPG DSC02999 (Medium).JPG DSC03000 (Medium).JPG DSC03001 (Medium).JPG DSC03002 (Medium).JPG DSC03003 (Medium).JPG DSC03004 (Medium).JPG DSC03006 (Medium).JPG DSC03007 (Medium).JPG DSC03008 (Medium).JPG DSC03009 (Medium).JPG DSC03010 (Medium).JPG
      STEP 8 - Software

      We used GRBL Sheild with GRBL Controler for the Hardware/Software

      DSC03072 (Medium).JPG DSC03074 (Medium).JPG
      Reference Build Photos

      DSC02984 (Medium).JPG DSC02985 (Medium).JPG DSC02986 (Medium).JPG DSC02987 (Medium).JPG DSC02989 (Medium).JPG DSC02990 (Medium).JPG DSC03058 (Medium).JPG DSC03063 (Medium).JPG DSC03071 (Medium).JPG DSC03077 (Medium).JPG
      untitled.199.jpg untitled.201.jpg
      Under Files Tab
      The model dimensions as well as a few other minor changes are not shown in the pictures. So be sure to go by the model for your build.

      Download model in Files tab at the top of this post
      1. Special Notes

        Part list are in the Files tab.
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    We needed a shop router that can do light duty milling .

    Inspired by

    Belt n Pinion System - Shapeoko
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