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BlackBox Motion Control System

Nov 1, 2019
Circuit - Software Project
Build Progress
Build Complete!

The Openbuilds BlackBox is a new system evolved around a set of subsystems that cover more than just control and also more than just CNC type applications! With a plug-and-play easy connection system this controller can be used with ease, without sacrificing power.

High Z Mod for Lead CNC

Oct 28, 2019
Build Progress
Build Complete!

The High Z modification for the LEAD CNC brings your creative capabilities to new heights! With 8" of clearance this modification can be adapted easily to your existing LEAD CNC Router.

South Carolina Workbee 1000X1000

Jun 8, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

This is about my build of a Workbee 1000X1000 being built here in Trenton, SC. My goal is to use it to help cut the new panel for my RV6A airplane.

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