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Upgrading the C-Beam machine

Jan 20, 2017
Other Style CNC Mills
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So we have new plates, stronger motors, belt drive reduction, but what should we do with them? In this article you might find the answer you were looking for as we took an “old” C-Beam machine and started to upgrade the X/Z body and added more torque and precision to the Z-axis.

RiNo Route

Jan 5, 2017
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A CNC router designed to handle a 4'x8' sheet, for as close to $2000 as possible. The price barrier resulted in my choice to use timing belts rather than leadscrews or rack&pinion. Build List still being updated


May 16, 2016
Cartesian Style Bots
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ELECTRONICS - ARDUINO Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + power supply 12V - Leadshine DM 5042 external driver + Power supply 36V + NEMA 23 stepper motor SOFTWARE - Repetier Host to communicate with the Ramps - ARDUINO to upload the firmware (Marlin) MECANIC - V-Slots rails 40x40 + home-made plates - everything goes fine on the side of the build

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