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      Hy guys !
      I want to build a multimaterial 3D printer that could print plaster, clay, concrete, …etc. The printing head will be changed depending on material I want to use.

      It's a cartesian style 3D printer. Nothing special, except its size (150x150x150 cm), and the motors : indeed, I need powerful motors because the heads may be heavy (specially when I will use concrete).

      I already built a 3D printer 50x50x50 cm based on the Maximus. It works well now (thanks to several OpenBuilders who helped me to make it successfully !)

      WHY ?
      I want to produce sculptures using 3D printing (I'am architect and artist as well).

      - ARDUINO Mega 2560 + RAMPS 1.4 + power supply 12V
      - Leadshine DM 5042 external driver + Power supply 36V + NEMA 23 stepper motor

      - Repetier Host to communicate with the Ramps
      - ARDUINO to upload the firmware (Marlin)

      - V-Slots rails 40x40 + home-made plates
      - everything goes fine on the side of the build

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      1. Special Notes

        I have a little trouble with the electronics and the Leadshine drivers ; the motor NEMA 23 reacts when the ARDUINO board receives a command … but not as expected : indeed, it makes a little noise like a "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" instead of moving normally.

        I checked several times the connections and all the system. It seems to be fine.

        I do not understand where the trouble comes from. Anyone could help me ?
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    I'm a artist and sculptor : I want to create sculptures using 3D printing (multimaterial such as plaster, clay, concrete …)