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      I live in a retirement village where space is at a premium. I love my OX but would like to try some 4th axis carving as well. I don't have room for another machine, so I plan to mount the head & tailstock to a base board under the current frame. I'll get 300mm of cut length.I think I'll put a half width board along side so I can still do small jobs. When I need to do larger stuff, it's just a matter of undoing the clamps & lift the OX off, replace the woodwork & away we go. In retrospect I could have purchased a smaller set, but on paper 100 mm didn't seem too big. I've seen some You Tube movies of small figurines being carved & I'd like to emulate them. I've read a little & gone through the Vectric tutorial, but still have an awful lot to learn. Any advice and / or pointers gratefully accepted
      The project will be a little way off because of this.
      I decided that I would end up with a machine doing a poor job in 2 areas, so I went for a look around & saw the C-Beam which convinced me to make a second machine.
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