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V-Slot™ Linear Actuator Build (Belt Driven)

Jul 27, 2017
Everything Else

Quick and Simple V-Slot Gantry System. This example build shows how easy it is to make a linear actuator using a few OpenBuilds Parts. You can mount this system an many ways so be sure to download the example models.

Easy to build and robust 3D printer framework

Jun 20, 2015
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Lord willing I will be showing you how build a robust and easy to build 3D printer framework using V-Slot rails and rollers. It's a little bulky, but it has all spring tensioned rollers on all axes, and can be built entirely without custom machining on any parts. You will need digital calipers, a drill press, a carbide toothed miter saw for cutting aluminum extrusions, and lots of little screws!

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