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      • I bought 2 meters tinted 30 gauge Marine Vinyl from
        Marine Vinyl Fabric
      • I carefully trimmed a 14.75" strip end-to-end on the longer side.
      • I went to big name store and bought:
        • 1 Large Grommet Tool,
        • 1 Set of "antiqued metal" tin grommets (like the kind in shower curtains)
        • 1 Pack of 3M Brand Command Small Wire Hooks (9 pieces)
      • Required tools: Hand Trill
      • Tempered Steel Bit 1/8th to 1/4th inch will do (3-5mm)
      • Industrial Velcro or equivalent


      1) Carefully drill holes in 6 places (each corner of the top hex plate)
      2) Hang but do not stick hooks through such that the hooks dangle through the hole facing outward from center
      3) Cut strip from pre-cut 2M marine vinyl roll
      4) Place strip of velcro down the "Z" pillar and match to Vinyl (I put it on the edge of the vinyl first, then hung vinyl in place and stuck it to the pole that way)
      5) Carefully wrap and place 2 smaller pieces of velcro on outside of the same end where you put the strip, wrap in approximately the length you want, the more precise the less air will come out.
      6) Use a sharpie or permanent black marker to mark approximately where you want your grommets to go, I made my overlap with the edge of the top plate
      7) Remove from TEVO (wrrrrriiipp)
      8) Bang out your grommets
      9) Hang from hooks and velcro

      You will have a slight overlap. Think more like a TEVO BURRITO

      In retrospect, there are other ways to attach to the top plate using velcro that are equally valid. I don't regret my built, but if you cut the top like this, you can fold the top in 6 places .. you can even form fit it to top if you cut it carefully. Make a pattern just like a seamstress would.


      Just make sure to buy REAL INDUSTRIAL VELCRO, 30 grade vinyl is heavy and its annoying to have it fall off, and there is no VELCRO but VELCRO peeps.


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    TEVO Little Monster has no enclosure
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