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      So I got this Origonal PhlatPrinter, PP1 and it needs to be used and I just happen to need to use it. Nothing is really true and it is tired. Lots of braces and more screws it has become fairly nice. My plan is to get it in good shape and keep it around to make foam airplane parts. I will later this year build a larger Router to do heavy wood cabmet type cuts.
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        Well all cuts came out good. I have a few little things to work on. The cut does not cut through on all the areas. I need to get the 0.00 setup better on the cutter tool itself. I need to learn how to set the tool prior to the start of the cut and have a zero at the start and a cut depth that will cut thourgh but leave the tabs. Using foam that is just under 3mm its tight to find the happy medium. Not to mention the precision with the Origonal PhlatPrinter lacks in tight tolerances and real acurate positioning. I will get it better as it has gotten better every time I work on it.

        Next step is to add a second NEMA 17 (since I have a bunch of them) to each axis or just bite the bullet and put 23s on it.


        Well I have finished the drawings to add the second motor to each axis. The Stacker adds a motor to the end of the existing stepper and the sidways adds the motor to the side of the existing motor ie the Z axis.
        I will be adding the STL file later after I tweek it as needed.

        I just added some pictures of the Stepper Motor mounts for the dual motor setup. The 3D Printed mounts add the second motor on the X and the Y by a hard coupler on between the 2 motors and on the Z by a belt and pulleys connecting them side by side.

        I just posted pics of the Z axis motors in there adaptors on the gantry. They look really cool. I think I will have the spindle mount complete with the new mounts for the Dremel and dual E Stops. I am going to use stops on both ends because the motor is and was powerfull enough to rip the whole thing apart. I did that twice, not good. I just have a little bit of tidy-up work to do and I will post pics. Next is the X and Y inline mounts.
        Keep watching for more!!!
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    Inspired by

    I attempted to use the BB4x on a Mill, Lathe combo maching but it did not lend itself to that project. Then this PhlatPrinter came available and it just made sense to build it up with the BB4x
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    1 BlackBox 4x https://openbuildspartstore.com/blackbox-motion-control-s... Link this thing is really simple to use for Router type machines.
    1 24V Meanwell Power Supply https://openbuildspartstore.com/24v-meanwell-power-supply... Link Very Nice unit
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