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      BlackBox X32
      M o t i o n C o n t r o l S y s t e m


      The BlackBox X32 is a all in one Powerhouse
      Performer CNC Motion Controller

      "We've taken a forward thinking approach to designing the X32 in keeping everything we all love about the original BlackBox while adding even better future proof feature sets in the all new BLACKBOX X32 Controller"

      OpenBuilds BlackBox X32 Specifications

      - High performance 32 Bit Processor
      - USB Interface for Plug and Play
      - WIFI Support
      - SD Card Support
      - Bluetooth
      - Xtension System
      - WEB UI
      - Supports GrblHAL (more features than Grbl)
      - True independent 4th rotational axis
      - 1 x Additional Relay (4X had one, X32 has two)
      - Onboard Wifi
      - More VFD friendly Toolhead connections
      - Plug and Play easy connection system
      - 4 x High Powered 4.0A (Peak) Stepper Drivers
      - Up to 1/32nd Microstepping (Defaulted to 1/8 for higher torque)
      - Built in Cooling solution / through airflow design
      - Easy current adjustment
      - Capable of true 2/3/4 axes motion control
      - Rotary
      - CoreXY
      - Cartesian
      - Polar
      - Dual configurable onboard Relays for Plasmas, Spindles, etc
      - Router (Enable) and VFD Spindle (Direction, Enable, 0-10v) Supported
      - PWM Output for Lasers
      - Servo Output for Pen Plotters
      - Pick and Place solenoid VAC
      - Controlled Air Assist
      - Up to 24v 5A Switched Output for Coolant or LED devices
      - 3x Optocoupled Endstop Inputs with power supply (5/24v).
      Suitable for passive or active mechanical, optical and inductive switches
      - 1x Optocoupled XYZ Probe Input
      - Door sensor input

      This newly refined controller is easy to use, and extremely powerful!

      It's your go to rugged, reliable, plug and play ready to use CNC controller


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      1. Special Notes

        Thank you to the OpenBuilds Team and all the hard work put into this new controller and thank you to the community support that made this dream a reality!
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    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    The advance new features of the BlackBox X32 ensure that it will lead the way into the future of OpenBuilds designs.

    Inspired by

    OpenBuilds BlackBox
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