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      W/here to begin. I tried, I really did, but the Workbee was not available from the Openbuilds store so
      I looked and looked and well, forgive me, ordered one from SPAM. I had steppers from a previous
      build attempt that I never completed along with some older boards. In the end I opted to purchase the
      Blackbox. So with the kit here, I needed to build a table. So off to Home Depot for some lumber

      3/4" MDF, 2X4s, screws and I was in miterbusiness. Had the guys at HD rip the 4X8 sheets in half. They were really 481/2" X 49" so ended with 48.5X49" pieces. Loaded up and headed home. I used my miter saw to cut the frames and then screwed them together. See below:

      20190502_112019.jpg 20190502_122550.jpg 20190502_122609.jpg
      I attached 4 Harbor Freight locking Casters to the bottom piece and then measured for my legs. I wanted my
      table to be 34" high which will match my other workbench. So the caster height + the 3/4 MDF X 2 = 5.5", subtract that from 34" and I cut my legs 28.5". The legs are then screwed into the bottom frame with 8 2.5"
      Spax screws. The top just sits on top of the legs. I can screw them in if I feel like it but the fit is tight and very
      sturdy. No wobble.

      Now that the table was complete(had the wife help me get the top on, dang MDF is heavy) it was time to unbox and inventory the kit. Every thing looked good and all the pieces were there.

      With the inventory completed, it was time to get started. First things first, the wheels and bearings.
      A bunch of them to be exact. Here they are halfway done:
      20190507_123007.jpg and done: 20190507_133643~2.jpg

      On to the build. First the Left Y plate:
      20190507_151928.jpg and that was it for the night.

      The next couple of days I spent completing the build and unfortunately did not take any pictures.
      but I have the mechanical build done and it is time to work on the electrical.... tomorrow.

      7 days later the mechanical is done:
      20190513_162708.jpg 20190513_162721.jpg

      Tomorrow I will tackle the Electrical portion, running wires through the drag chain and cabling the steppers
      to The BlackBox.

      Here it is a couple of weeks later and the electrical is done and IT IS ALIVE!!!!

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    • GNU (GPL3+) General Public Licence

    Reason for this Build

    For fun and to help build parts for my airplane and to make personalized gifts.
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