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      Found a used Laguna CNC router listed by a local seller, known issues were a burnt out water-cooled spindle, and problems controlling steppers, as such the purchase price was less than $1000 to buy.

      Investigated our options to retrofit the Laguna's 2013-14 technology and the horrible serial/parallel RichAuto pendant interface, and chose to virtually replace everything with new technology, including the Blackbox and Interface Kit with Openbuilds Touchplate: we received new steppers with our kit, but none of the existing steppers were replaced since they seemed fine, but all the wiring was replaced, and hard limit switches from OpenBuilds were also added.

      We purchased a new water-cooled RATTM MOTOR 220V 2.2Kw/24,000RPM spindle from Alibaba, we also bought a new SUNFAR VFD because we weren't sure the existing unit was working, and figured either way it would end up being a spare. As you can see in the photo, we ended up with a rather spacious control cabinet after removing the enormous controllers and the transformer.

      For software, we are using Fusion 360 personal edition to design models etc and generate filepaths/Gcode, and then using Openbuilds as a Gcode sender. (love that both solutions are Mac and PC). The GRBL settings are specifying Leads 1010 Machine.

      We have calibrated the X/Y/Z travel and table size, and the steps/mm, but have yet to tweak min-max settings and acceleration.

      The unit has been operational for roughly two weeks, and pretty much love it. Still have to get the Touch Probe to work; the first time we tried that it did not work and the end mill pushed down into the touchplate without stopping... yikes! Haven't investigated that to get it working.
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        We will document the wiring for the VFD, spindle and power supply and add that to this build at a future date.
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