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      I have been building a plasma cutter that runs on GRBL 1.1h and I was using a self designed controller.
      This controller worked fine until I attached the plasma . A soon as I triggered the torch, everything shut down.
      I now find that the BlackBox is available again, and wish I was able to get one before I built my own system which actually cost more in parts than the BlackBox itself.
      Now that they are available again I want to order one and get my machine running as it should.
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    I have several CNC machines that I have designed and built over the years, but often I needed a special part to help with building some project and the need for a CNC plasma became apparent .
    I started to research what would be the best solution for me and decided that after seeing so many different designs that I would be best to design my own from scratch.
    The mechanics of the design are straight forward and based on common solutions, the electronics I thought would be simple also due to building other machines successfully, but plasma is a different animal, it needs some special attention due to the EMI problems associated with plasma systems.
    The BlackBox may be the answer to this problem and I will incorporate one into this design. If as successful as I hope it will be I will be building more similar machines for several friends that have shown interest in my project. Already I have ideas of an improved version of the hardware that goes into the machine design.
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