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      INTERFACE CNC Touch Controller


      The INTERFACE is a powerful plug and play cnc touch control pendant system for your CNC machine

      Its never been easier, simply load the job, set the starting point and run it.
      Interface was designed as a purpose built tool that is a part of your machine. It is rugged, user friendly and it will quickly become a favorite in your shop

      Interface puts control in your hands, enabling you to jog, home, zero, load and run jobs all from a stand alone plug and play hand held pendant.

      No computer required! Run your jobs directly at your machine with the Interface


      INTERFACEwatermark_Box.png IMG_0043.jpg
      OpenBuilds INTERFACE Features
      • Standalone Human-Machine Interface for controlling your OpenBuilds BlackBox / Grbl based CNC machine
      • No computer required: Plug in a flashdrive with your G-Code files and run directly from the Interface
      • 240Mhz 32-bit Xtensa Dual-Core Microprocessor
      • Supports FAT32 Flash Drives
      • Color TFT LCD display
      • Capacitive Touch buttons, with tactile and audible feedback
      • Supports Homing, Jogging, Probing, Zeroing and Running your CNC machine
      • Plug-and-play with OpenBuilds BlackBox motion controller
      • Can be used with any Grbl 1.1 based controller, which has RX/TX/GND/5V pins (may require you to make your own cabling)

      OpenBuilds INTERFACE Specifications
      • Plug and Play easy connections for OpenBuilds BlackBox
      • 240Mhz 32-bit Xtensa Dual-Core Microprocessor
      • 520Kb SRAM
      • 4Mb Flash
      • 802.11 b/g/n Wifi (Firmware upgrades)
      • Bluetooth v4.2 and BLE
      • High Contrast Color TFT LCD display
      • LED Backlit Capacitive Touch buttons
      • Beeper
      • Vibration Motor
      • USB-C Connectivity
      • Grbl 1.1f and newer Support
      • FAT32 Flash Drive Support
      3D Model

      Also be sure to check out the Sign Project from the video above
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - Share Alike - CC BY NC SA

    Reason for this Build

    To allow for a stand alone controller at the front of the machines

    Inspired by

    BlackBox Controller
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    1 INTERFACE CNC Touch Controller https://openbuildspartstore.com/interface/ Link CNC TOUCH CONTROLLER
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