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Beginner Openbuilds Logo Sign

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    OpenBuilds CAM and OpenBuilds CONTROL
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Bit or Laser Size:
    (SharkBits) 1/8" and 1/4" down cut
    Feeds & Speeds:
    In workspace
    White pine board 11" x 35" x 3/4" thick and SharkBits
    This sign was made as example cut for the basic use of the Interface in the the (How to) video

    The idea here was to make a simple example to show how to jog the machine, probe the start position and start the job.

    For the sake of time, the video does not show it, but this example sign took 2 cuts with two separate bits
    Its the same process as setting up the first cut:
    1. When the first pocket cut is over you simply raise the Z axis
    2. Swap the bit with the 1/4" bit for the profile cut out
    3. Run the probe procedure again with this new bit in place
    4. Load the 2nd G-Code file and run it.

    - First cut: Pockets using a SharkBit Down-Cut 2 Flutes Solid Carbide End Mill 1/8"
    - Second cut: Profile cut out using a SharkBit Down-Cut 2 Flutes Solid Carbide End Mill 1/4"

    Please also note that sanding and cleanup was done for the final sign

    Here are some pictures of the project

    20210107_153017 (1).jpg
    1-First_Cut_Pocket_toolpath_1-8th_inch_Bit.PNG 2-Second-Cut_Outside_cut_toolpath_1-4_inch_Bit.PNG

    20210107_152155.jpg 20210107_132015.jpg
    Files included in ZIP download
    • SketchUp of the model and the flat view for DXF
    • DXF file
    • OpenBuilds CAM workspace for the first pocket cuts
    • OpenBuilds CAM workspace for the second profile cut out
    • Gcode for the first cut
    • Gcode for the second cut
    Check out the Interface Build here

    Hope this helps
    Mark C
    1-First_Cut_Pocket_toolpath_1-8th_inch_Bit.PNG 2-Second-Cut_Outside_cut_toolpath_1-4_inch_Bit.PNG 20210107_132015.jpg 20210107_152155.jpg 20210107_153017 (1).jpg OpenBuilds_Sign_SketchUp.PNG

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  1. Giarc
    That was a twofer! How to use the probe properly and how to use the Interface. Great video.
      Mark Carew likes this.
    1. Mark Carew
      Thanks brother! :)
      Mark Carew, Jan 8, 2021
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