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Sphinx Evolution

Mar 3, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
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Let me explain: About a year ago I was planning to build a CNC router of my own design. I started gathering components including the THK linear rails. I soon found out you pretty much need a CNC to build a CNC and this is when I decided to build my Sphinx machine. I've had these rails and some other parts sitting around so it's time I used them! I'm planning to incorporate linear rails and 1605 ballscrews into the Sphinx design. I really like the overall appearance of the Sphinx.

Ox Stainless with ballscrews

Feb 1, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
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Build Complete!

Ox Stainless with ballscrews for motion, nema 23 steppers, LInuxcnc for control software. Using basic parts for frame from Makersupplies, and the rest sourced from ebay. Building a small router hoping it will be able to cut aluminum with decent results.

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