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      90% complete project, not Open Source, sorry.

      I do hope to make the mechanical parts of this kit available for sale soon...

      I have always felt that the CNC machines produced on this build platform and on other websites have shown some ingenious examples of design utilising V-Slot. Really, some designs are truly excellent in concept. Special commendations go to Mark Carew of course without whom the OX, Routy and C-Beam machines would never have seen light of day.

      Special praise also to other people who have come up with similar designs based on the above machine kits that have added to their overall popularity.

      BUT... I have never been truly happy with the Z axis linear actuators. In my opinion (I emphasize my opinion... and I am open to criticism as well as any other suggestions for this build) the Z axis format of many of these machines has been the part of the kit that could be described as wanting.

      Many different people have come up with extremely innovative ways of making the Z axes 'better' but have based their own designs (I am guilty of this as well) on the existing wheel sets and a low diameter ACME or Trapezoidal lead-screw, combined with an M5 bolt set.

      1. M5 bolts = lots of wheels to provide the rigid motion needed to keep the Z axes perpendicular to the work surface. AND... the wheel sets, combined with M5 bolts is essentially one of the largest costs associated with most build projects so the more wheel sets you use the more rigid the build and the more expensive the build.

      2. Larger bolts (should) = less wheel sets for the same or better rigidity.

      But, if a larger bolt set is to be used then you also need a larger Eccentric Spacer set if the design is still going to be on a comparative cost to existing Z Axes designs.

      SO... I designed and had made M8 Eccentric Spacers... See the attached picture. This spacer also has a small rim added so that when placed on the bearing the rim acts as a bearing spacer and allows the bearing to turn freely.

      I have uploaded a couple of pictures of an M5 wheel set, M5 and M8 eccentric spacers and an M8 bolt set... to show the difference in size. You can clearly see even from these pictures that the M8 design is far, far stronger. So, less wheel sets = the same or better rigidity!

      ... on the back of the M8 Eccentric spacer, here is the first of my 'new' designs, compatible with all (I may be wrong, don't shoot me) V-Slot builds and still comparatively low cost to fit in with V-Slot builds:

      Description: 1605 Z Axes, 250mm length

      Standard design Consists of:
      a) 1605 ball screw design,
      b) 250mm 6020 V-Slot profile as the back 'mounting' device, for the OX this is 180mm
      c) 4 x Low Profile M8 wheel sets providing the rigidity needed with less wheel sets, 2 standard spacer one side, M8 Eccentric spacers the other side
      d) 5mm Ali plates all round,
      e) 2 x 8mm vertical Ali rods to provide extra stability along the length of the top and lower plates,
      f) and of course Xtreme V-Wheels to withstand the added forces generated by M8 bolts on the surface of each wheel when clamped.
      g) other mechanical parts to suit

      The front plate can be moved up or down according to the spindle mount that is fitted to it. The standard front plate can have a Kress 43mm Mount added to it, a 65mm VFD Spindle mount or the Openbuilds Spindle Mount. Of course if anybody wants to utilise a different mount on this front plate I can accommodate that, just email or PM me.

      All plates and parts except for the M8 eccentrics and spacers are currently on order for this design. Once I have the parts I will build the actuator and upload 'real' pictures of the design... meanwhile the attached pictures show off the design, the plates are satin black, not orange. The colour orange was used to highlight where the plates are.

      More information, files etc later..

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    Reason for this Build

    To achieve as best as possible a stronger Z axes for V-slot builds.

    Inspired by

    All the builds on this website!
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