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      This is a design for my LR/BS CNC router I plan to build in the next few months.

      15/09/2020 UPDATE:
      I updated a bit the design for easier assembly and reinforced the side panel so that they can be 3D printed. I will publish the BOM and DXF as soon as I validate this new design.


      7/5/2020 UPDATE:
      I beefed up the machine. MGN-15 rails seemed to be quite weak for a heavy duty machine, and have been replaced with HGR-15. The linear actuator have been reinforced with corner angles. They are now made of 1 20x80 V-Slot and 2 20x40 V-Slots. Aluminium plates have been thicken to 15mm. FK12/FF12 blocks have been replaced for BK12/BF12 which allows for bigger work area.

      I wanted an easy to source/easy to build, yet quite robust CNC router.


      With a footprint of 750mmx750mm, the working area is of approximatively 610mmx590mm, with 90mm of Z travel. The machine can easily be scaled.
      Due to the particular fixation of my router, the X-Axis is only of 490mm for me, unless I raise the bed.

      The design uses linear actuator with two HGR-15 and one SFU1605 ballscrew for each axis (2 ballscrews for the Y-Axis). The ballscrews are fixed on both end using BK12/BF12 blocks. Each axis is driven by NEMA 23 motors. Plates are cut in 15mm aluminum.

      The frame is made of transverse 20x60 V-Slots in order to use vise clamps (OK-Vise or Mini Vise - CNC Low Profile Clamp by ptiwee). Wood planks slightly higher than the V-Slots (3mm) serve as martyr.


      Motors are assembled using 3 9mm spacers, which should be rigid enough.

      Motor Coupling.png

      The Z-Axis uses two crossed linear rails. It is a heavy design that can be improved later, considering many existings Z-Axis design can be adapted.

      Z-Axis (Mounted).png

      Previous version using MGN-15 rails :

      LRBS.png Frame.png Motor Coupling.png Z-Axis.png Z-Axis (Back).png Z-Axis (Mounted).png

      I'm looking for any comments regarding any design mistake I could've make here, before starting to source the parts.

      Thank you
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    I wanted to upgrade from my OX CNC. Workbee CNC looks like an interesting upgrade, but V-Wheels are not rigid enough (the main issue with my OX CNC is the flexibility in the Z-Axis), so why not trying linear rails and big ballscrews ?
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