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      I currently own an Ox C-Beam Router and overall I have been happy with building and learning the process, but obviously it has its limitations particularly with speed and consistency. This project is meant to address both of those things. The biggest issue I have had with speed thus far has been the backlash caused by the belt drive system. Obviously ballscrews are where it's at when it comes to accurate and powerful mechanical drive systems, so that is what I will be using. I didn't want to break the bank and timeliness is important so all the components were designed to be available on Amazon and McMaster-Carr. Finally, I thought the way that the RoverOx CNC was using the C-Beam as structural members was genius and is something I will be emulating in this build. It should resolve one of my major issues which has been bed leveling. I am still working on some of the design so I will publish all the files once everything is complete, but for now here is a picture of the Y-Axis.

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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

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    Learn about CNC and Solidworks. Build parts for 3D Printer. Improve upon accuracy of OxCNC.

    Inspired by

    Ox CNC, C-Beam, RoverOx
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