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      I got:
      2 Nema23 1.26Nm steppermotors for the y-axis,(2Amps at 3.6Volts)
      1 Nema23 1.26Nm steppermotor for the z-axis(2Amps at 3.6Volts)
      1 Nema23 3Nm(435oz-in) stepper for the x-axis(4.2Amps at 3.78Volts)
      Im driving the steppers with 4 TB6600 Stepperdrivers (one for each motor)
      Probably it will be all leadscrew driven.

      10/13/2018 I just received the first batch of 2.4 cm plywood and started building. I started with the wasteboard and drilled all holes into it. This wastboard will not be "wasted", there will be a 1cm-2cm thick MDF board on top of it.
      IMG_20181014_173918[1].jpg ( the 3D model in fusion360 will be in the attachment name: "NotSpoilboard")
      This is the 3D model of the y axis. Its without the wasteboard so just the linear rail and the threaded rod.(I'll put the model into the files section (A360)).
      This is the full axis(only one side)
      And this is the real life picture
      I also made the holder for the stepper motor(but without the "rubber vibration dampers": new.jpg
      I am not sure if I need the vibration damping, because the spindle/router will be louder than the motor. 20181029_182811.jpg
      On the other side of the threaded rod, this M8 threaded rod is attached, which will be the fixed bearing. It consists first of two 608ZZ deep groove ball bearings and two nuts that have a 9mm shoulder to fit exactly on the inner ring of the ball bearings.(the scale is in cm)
      I have now assembled the linear rails on the Z-axis and they are moving pretty freely and smooth. 20181203_204413.jpg 20181203_204424.jpg 20181203_204447.jpg
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    I build this to get an insight to the big world of CNC machining.
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