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      Getting started on the build, design complete, less the details on the router mount.

      Started with a deal on some FUYU 800 mm linear rail assemblies and a Long's Motor motor driver kit.
      This led me to use the linear rails and ball screws used on the Y axis. This is the reason for the MGW12 rail blocks on the Y-axis. If I don't like them I'll replace eventually.

      Full Assembly v85_2.png

      I had previously purchased some C-Beam and 8020 extrusions from Openbuilds, so I used these for the base assembly. The 1/8 plates are added to reinforce the 8020 and 2040 side rails. I still need to design end braces. I may 3D print some until I get a spindle and can mill them.

      Full Assembly v85_2.png Full Assembly v85_3.png Full Assembly v85_4.png

      Base is complete. It's a 4" torsion table on a 24" cabinet. I wanted it on the low side to allow easy reach across the router and to allow room for a future enclosure.

      Parts list is still a work in progress. Prices reflect what I paid, not retail.

      IMG_4410.jpg IMG_4423.jpg IMG_4428.jpg
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    Primary use will be wooden sheet goods. Would like to add add non-ferrous milling eventually

    Inspired by

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