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      At this stage very much just CAD progress drawing and mochup rough design.
      Just trying to work out bill of materials and overall sizing of machine work area

      reliablility :p
      machinable area min 500x600x100
      sturdy, minimum flex
      budget: cheapest as possible while not skimping on quality parts where needed
      bed area enclosed for cooling/liquid containment

      Materials wanting to use:
      ballscrew 1605 + components bk12,bf12 etc...
      VFD controlled 2.2kw water cooled motor
      48volts supply
      387 oz.in Bi-Polar Stepper motors
      Geckodrive G540 controller

      Plan to look at misting/ fogbuster or equivalent system

      Update 1: 6/9/17
      change to linear rail, possible looking to swap from 1605 to 1204 for smaller components
      x 1092 overall
      y 1000 overall
      z gantry 275x90x10, x axis cbeam250
      need to adjust offset on gantry endplates for spindle, just dont know what it needed to be at this stage....

      x,y rail ,mgn15h 1 block on each rail
      z rail ,mgn12h 2 blocks on each rail 4 total

      still need to add new ball screw and endplates etc

      Update 2: 18/9/17

      gone with 1205 ballscrew
      as we sit dimensions dropped to account for easier use of parts availability
      bed 800x760 may change to account for ballscrew rod a little odd length, still need to work out with bearing blocks.
      z clearance 100mm from lowest point on gantry, so depending on tool may have 85-90mm z height
      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
      1. Special Notes

        would be great to hear peoples constructive feedback on areas that i might look into for revision changes or alterations to design
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    Build License:
    • CC - Attribution NonCommercial - No Derivs - CC BY NC ND

    Reason for this Build

    Friend and I have been discussing this on and off over the past 3 years to buy or build cnc, have finally gotten to the point where have actually sat down and been designing a machine.

    Inspired by

    Ox, Sphinx, Cbeam
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