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Workbee CNC on steroids

Nov 23, 2019
Other Style CNC Mills
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Build in Progress...

My First major improvement was changing the controller to a Acorn board. I loved the way a dedicated userinterface was speeding up my workflow. Next project my Y Axis. On Aliexpress I ordered a couple of 16mm ballscrews and some lineair rail. Before I took my gantry off I quickly made some aluminium profiles to fit my carriages. Withouth any doubt these improvements where worth it

Halloumi CNC Machine - Acetal Plates

Oct 28, 2018
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build Complete!

I built the original machine using plywood plates, and always intended to upgrade those parts to more durable ones. I decided to go with acetal as it's a lot easier to cut than aluminium. I used fusion 360 to model and rebuild the original machine. Once I have assembled everything and feel confident it all works I will release the plate designs here.

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