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      This is my first build published in OpenBuilds.com. The idea is to share here my design ideas (many based on other builds I have seen before) and try to get some feedback from other community members in order to improve it.

      The design is a work in progress to achieve a "well cooked" idea before starting to do anything. In this build I didn't use any T-Slot or V-Slot profiles because I cannot have access to this kind of parts neither to buy anything from Internet. I would like to thanks in advance any suggestion or idea to try to improve this build.

      Currently I'm working in the design of gantry raisers to get the widest working area possible with the elements I already have. Regarding this point, any idea is welcome. I need to find the way to connect the ballscrews, the linear rails and the gantry in a simple yet strong union.

      I will be posting the design files as they are designed. I'm using Inventor 2020 to make this design.
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