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      This is my first attempt at anything close to this. I got interested in desktop CNC machines about a year ago. I knew right then that a desktop CNC machine would really support my model helicopter hobby. Right then I started researching and found this site. I have been lurking for several months. And finally took the plunge. I've been working on this since December. I designed it using Autodesk Fusion 360. A great tool for this with all the functionality I need as a hobbyist. I wanted to make sure it was sturdy enough to withstand the stresses of working with aluminum. I'm not convinced that the V-Rail and plastic wheels are robust enough for longevity. So, I built this design using open rail with steel wheel bearings over C-Beam with Lead Screw drive for the different Axes. I got ideas from many builds in this site. One in particular was the C-Beam-GTC (Gino the Cop). I really liked his build. Thanks for sharing Gino. I expect to use this for other than just my Helicopter hobby. I wanted it large enough to do signs of a particular size. So, this is 1500mm Wide and 1000mm deep. I'm a little concerned with the X axis being so wide. I've tried to beef it up with an additional 20x60 linear rail. Anyway, Here it is, guys. Looking for your feedback. I have already purchased much of the electronics and the Stepper motors 570 oz/in. with Ethernet smooth Stepper and Mach4 software. I'll share some pictures as I get them uploaded. I have not decided on a spindle and VFD, yet. Still looking. I would appreciate your cumulative experience to help me decide.
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    To support my large RC Helicopter hobby and other projects as far as my imagination lets me.

    Inspired by

    C-Beam-GTC, and many others.