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      As some of you probably know, I built a CNC router while ago and donated it to one of the tech high schools here in Istanbul. As I will have bit more time this year I want to build my second machine GTC2020.

      This time I want to use linear rails for all axis and as much possible parts as possible from openbuilds. The foot print of the machine will be 1000x1000 and I will try to make it as sturdy and as compact as possible.

      GTC2020 will again have a two anti-backlash per axis approach and a Y axis bottom connector.

      Initial sketches are done in SU and I am currently working in Fusion 360 to double check everything.

      As before I plan to build a control box for the machine and will try to take it a step further and make the control box as neat as possible.

      Hope I can arrange funds for it all and make this project come true within 2020.

      Happy building everyone!
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    Another possible donation to the students in need of such machines to help everyone to get their opportunity to be creative
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