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      Hello, this us my first build that up loading to openbuilds, I hope you enjoy it.

      Also sorry in advanced for the lack of picture durring the build.

      This is what I call the Prusa Dragon LR. It is based on the prusa bear modification but with a few differences. This printer is equipped with an SKR 1.3 (only because I couldn't get my SKR 1.4 to work with my BL Touch sensor), and TMC 2209 stepper drivers running Marlin 2.0.6. It is constructed to of 20x40 V-slot openbuilds extrusion(kindly supplied by openbuilds for free, more details later). It is sporting a set of ldo .9 degree stepper motors for X,Y, and E and integrated leadscrew ldo motors for z. And finally it is fitted with both, genuine Hiwin linear rails and a triangle labs dragon extruder, for that super price motion and one super convenient one handed nozzle changes.

      20200821_212300.jpg 20200821_212317.jpg

      For those who read to the end. Thanks for spending the time on my post and again I hope you liked it. If you have any thought or suggestions please leave a comment below.

      Earlier I said that I had gotten my extrusion for free and there is a good story be hind that.

      Durring my build I had made a couple of mistakes when cutting my extrusion to length. This extrusion I had ordered from openbuilds a week prior with my own money. Needless to say I was bummed out that I would not be able to complete my printer at least mechanically that day. Luckily it was pretty early in the day so I decided to go on google and order some more extrusion. And it was then that I noticed that openbuilds was based in the state that I lived in and it was only 45 minutes away. At that moment I grabed my keys and headed over there. In my my that google listing was for a retail store but when I arrived I had some susspusions. When I entered the building I was greated by an employee and he confirmed my susspission that this was not a rtail stor but only a shipping center or more acuratly that openbuilds was a online retailer only. After I found out I then processed to ask if I still could place an order but just take my order with me. At that point another person from the back and asked why I drove all the way there. I then proceded to tell him my story. What happend next truly stunned me. The man the offered me a deal. The deal was that if he gave me all the parts that I needed to finish my build for free, that all I needed to do was post my build on openbuilds.com. at that point I agreed and now I am holding up my end of the bargain. So thank you very much, and I'm sorry to say that I forgot the name of the gentleman who struck the proposition, but if you happen to read this post. Leave a comment on this post to say hi.
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