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Senior Project CNC table

Jan 9, 2020
Cartesian Style CNC
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So for my senior project I decided to build a CNC router. I kind of need to get this done before May so we'll see what all goes down. It's going to be a 3 axis machine (for now) and will be able to handle 4x8 sheets of wood. This is my first build. It's going to be intresting..


May 31, 2017
H-Bot and Core XY
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Build in Progress...

A Large CoreXY build that can just barely get in through a doorway, aiming for under $1000. Build Volume approximately 18in x 24in x 26in.

Roberta Clementine

Jun 9, 2016
Cartesian Style Bots
Build Progress
Build Complete!

The Roberta Clementine a proof of concept and progenitor to the series of printers I will be calling the Clementine Sisters. The printer is named after Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Roberto Clemente. Although it is more accurate to say the printer is named after the school I work for which is named after Clemente the Roberto Clemente Charter School. http://www.myrccs.com Roberta is the first and not really built to last but instead built to test ideas and to produce the parts for successors

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