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      This is my 1 st build with V-slot and it has been a very pleasant experience. I once interested in building a CNC started with a MDF build. Not a wise choice if you ask me. I ran across the product V-slot and scrapped that build as quickly as I could order up this awesome idea and product. This build is based similar to the OX build and uses 4 Axes with Nema 23 Steppers. All plates are custom made with 6061 Aluminum 1/4 thick. It uses 2mm belt drive and 16 Solid V-Wheels. This build is still in progress as I need to attach my Spindle plate and Spindle. I will follow up with more photo's and possibly video once she is all finished.
      ** UPDATE**
      Z - Axis Complete and installed with Spindle and 1/4inch er11 collet.
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    Military and just retired, need to stay busy. Looked like a fun project!

    Inspired by

    OX Build, and the gentleman with a good idea and product at Openbuilds.com