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Expanded Routy using 290 build instructions

Apr 6, 2016
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Using the Routy290 build and an awful lot of help from puntoMX, this machine has been expanded in the X and Y axis. My first build, I'm learning a lot about all of this. I've had to disassemble parts of this thing many times due to forgetfulness, but that's ok. Also, I've forgotten to take constant pictures throughout the build.

PiDuinoCNC Controller

Feb 23, 2016
Circuit - Software Project
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and a Protoneer CNC Shield to create an Open Source CNC router controller. It will be equipped with a touch screen to control the on board processor. The touch screen will run a user interface that has buttons for added functionality. There will be a camera for monitoring progress from inside my office. The control box will also feature a way to power the vacuum and spindle/router . I will also be able to monitor room temp as well as Pi CPU temps and averages.

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