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C-Beam Evolution MkII

May 12, 2017
Cartesian Style CNC
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The C-Beam Evolution is an evolving machine. The MkII is inspired by Kyo's C-Beam Spinx but currently uses my own design of plates made of 8mm acrylic (X-axis ends) and 6mm polycarbonate (Y axis ends). The plates were made on the MkI but I hope to be able to make 6mm aluminium plates on the MkII for the MkIII.

PiDuinoCNC Controller

Feb 23, 2016
Circuit - Software Project
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Using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and a Protoneer CNC Shield to create an Open Source CNC router controller. It will be equipped with a touch screen to control the on board processor. The touch screen will run a user interface that has buttons for added functionality. There will be a camera for monitoring progress from inside my office. The control box will also feature a way to power the vacuum and spindle/router . I will also be able to monitor room temp as well as Pi CPU temps and averages.

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