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C-Beam Prefab Untitled

Sep 24, 2016
Cartesian Style CNC
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The C-Beam Prefab Untitled is designed as the cartesian compliment to the C-Beam XL. With the exception of requiring a couple more 1000mm C-Beams and lead screws, the build requires a minimum of additional parts. The primary intention of the build is to maximize the cutting envelope while still staying within the sweet spot for C-beam rigidity. This design can easily be modified and allows for further custom structural components to be cut with the initial build platform.

Archivist Quill Book Scanner

Jun 17, 2016
Everything Else
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Build Complete!

This is a book scanner built out of aluminum extrusion. It is designed to get high quality scans without harming the book. It is not automated. You still have to turn the pages yourself.

PiDuinoCNC Controller

Feb 23, 2016
Circuit - Software Project
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Using a Raspberry Pi, Arduino and a Protoneer CNC Shield to create an Open Source CNC router controller. It will be equipped with a touch screen to control the on board processor. The touch screen will run a user interface that has buttons for added functionality. There will be a camera for monitoring progress from inside my office. The control box will also feature a way to power the vacuum and spindle/router . I will also be able to monitor room temp as well as Pi CPU temps and averages.

CubeSpawn Ultimaker 3D Printer Module

Sep 15, 2015
Cartesian Style Bots
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Build in Progress...

This 3D printer is an implementation of the Ultimaker 3D printer Using the Modular approach, many of the parts from the CubeSpawn 3 axis mill translate straight across into this design, so adding new concepts should go quicker

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