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      I have been collecting parts for a few years now and finally have been able to put them together. This is based on the old Routy design. It's also limited by only running NEMA 17 steppers. I currently have a grbl shield V3.01 from blog.protoneer.co.nz sitting on an Arduino Uno. The Uno is connected through USB to a Raspberry Pi B+. The Y-Axis is based on 1000mm 20x60 Rails while the X-Axis id based on 500mm 20x60 Rails. This leaves me with 360mm X-Axis and 833mm Y-Axis, The Z-Axis is a 250mm 20x80 rail which leaves me about 110mm.

      I have a lot to learn and tweak on this build.

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    To learn and cut some things!
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