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      This is my 1500mm x 1000mm screw driven Workbee. I was originally trying to drive it with Arduino and CNC Shield, but I couldn't find complete wiring diagrams anywhere that included the E-Stop, Limit switches, momentary switches, fan etc. So I switched to the current version X-pro controller. I also originally built it with the very shallow depth of cut using the 4x20 vertically oriented V-slot rail, but immediately realized that it was way too shallow to cut anything thicker than some plywood, so I ordered some 2-20 v-slot and improvised the supports under the spoiler board. The Machine is up and moving, and I have performed some air cuts, but I haven't tested it out actually routing material yet. I am still trying to figure out creating my G-code in RhinoCAM and opening it in OpenBuilds Controller. I am using GRBL inch for my post processing in RhinoCAM, but I need to change some settings because I am manually controlling my spindle speed (makita router), and I am not sure how to turn off those settings in RhinoCAM.

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    I built this machine to explore artistic aspects of CNC routing. I wanted to gain a better understanding of creating 3D models, generating tool paths and G-code and the technical aspects of routing and machining. I was also interested in the "open source" and "open hardware" aspects of this CNC and controller. As an artist and art educator, I thought making this machine would provide me with the knowledge to be an asset to Fine Art programs who didn't have a lot of funding but wanted to explore CNC routing in the "open source" realm.
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