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      20170407_171156 (1).jpg

      The start of my light-weight-light performing CNC machine was about a month ago.
      Steppermotors arrived (NEMA 17 size) and I was able to get the Arduino end CNC shield operating them.
      Tested out some software and I think Fusion 360 will be my friend here.
      Sorted out all kinds of Online shops and ordered parts from all around the world.

      Today the packages from England and Denmark arrived. The CBeam profiles and the V slot profiles.
      The rest of the parts will take a bit longer since most of them come from China.

      As soon as I can start assembling this machine I will post a follow-up here.

      18 august 2017:):):)

      Today I finished my C Beam machine with NEMA 17 motors.
      Was a lot of work and a lot of things had to be adjusted to the NEMA 17s

      Especially the Endplates, they had to be hand-made. In the meanwhile I took a CrashCourse Autodesk Fusion 360, because I needed some example things to test my machine.

      A little movie to show the tests of the stepper motors: is available but I cannot upload it here...maybe somebody has a few tips?

      I tested milling a name plate and it worked out fine ... 20170818_160352.jpg

      The complete machine, roughly assembled...still needs to be fine tuned...not every angle is 90 degrees yet.

      Some detail pictures:
      The home made plates to firmly attach the Z- and X axis C Beams. Made of 5 mm aluminium, hand-sawed and drilled.

      This is a second-hand Bosch milling machine. Bought it for 30 Euros and made a clamp out of Wood. Fits nicely so far, maybe I will make a better one in the future.

      This was a hard one... how to attach the NEMA 17s firmly to the C beam construction?
      After a lot of trial and error this was my solution:
      Replace the screws for a m3 threated rod, all the way through the NEMA 17
      Then fix the motor with enough nuts.
      As you can see my end plate was made of 2 parts of 5 mm aluminium. The inner part fits the bearing and the outer part holds the motor.
      I bought an aluminium pipe and cut it into the spacers with a plumbers cutting knife.
      All motors were attached like this and they hold firmly to the CBeam construction.

      The endplates on the other side of the Steppermotors were also hand-made an hand-drilled, and they also consist of 2 plates, one to fit the bearing and one to hold the bearing in place. :

      The wiring of the arduino still needs to be fixed, and also I placed active cooling above the CNC shield (The stepper motor drivers). Now they don't even get warm while operating, it works great. Probably one of the first thing that I will cut out of plate material is a box to contain the electronics.

      Before actually milling something I tried out the test files with a pen. Just to see how accurate the machine was:
      Pretty accurate IMHO, there was some movement in the tip of the ball point, but I think overall this is a very good result.

      Software screenshot with my current settings:
      (Universal GCode sender):

      and ofcourse this was a test too :)

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      1. Special Notes

        This is my first project that involves mechanica. Looking forward. Starting as a Noob I will try to bring this to a succes. Openbuilds is very inspiring :)
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    Reason for this Build

    The reason I am building this is because I was infected by the drone virus. It brought back my interest in building things that are fun. I am planning to build a large hexacopter for aerial photography and filming. This requires a lo of development and the production of specific parts. This machine will enable me to do so. Main goal will be to be able to produce specific carbon fiber plates and parts.

    Inspired by

    the video tutorial of the build of the C Beam machine
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