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      This is going to be very disorganized because it was started a while ago and I'm trying to put everything I've done. So this was started towards the beginning of the school year. I'm trying to buid a router, but at the same time not go broke, but still want it done right. I think my first design was started in the end of Augest In SketchUp. I found this website looking for inspiration on how to build my first CNC. I probably should have started small, but a table that could hold a 4x8' sheet was an important factor to me. The frame is going to be made. out of 2x2 steal tubing. Might be a little overkill on the metal, but too late now. I already bought enough for the table frame. My senior project mentor has a tube laser cutter, and he said I could come to his shop and cut those componets out on it sometime.
      Right now I've been searching for motors, drivers, and controllers. I think I have figured out the motors and drivers, but I still can't decide how to go about controlling it. I'm not too excited to use a parrallel port because they're really old. I'm thinking about using a smoothstepper and mach 4, but don't know yet, and also I don't know what BOB to use with the ESS. I've also started to look at using GRBL, but I haven't reaserched it much yet. I wanting something flexible incase what I set it up with I don't like, but we'll see what happens.

      If anyone has any pointers with motion controllers, software, and other electronics please let me know.
      Also any help in general with building CNC routers would be greatly appreciated. I've had experiece using CNC routers and plasma tables, but this is the first time I've ever built one.
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