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Modular Desktop Vacuum Former

Nov 24, 2021
Small Vacuum Former
Build Progress
Build Complete!

This is a small desktop vacuum former that can be connected to a shop-vac and an electric heat source (like a grill for instance). You can control the time each appliance stays turned on, and the vacuum is automatically turned on when the tray is placed on top of the model. The vacuum table is 20x20cm wide, and I've tested it mostly with 1mm thick PET sheets.

Senior Project CNC table

Jan 9, 2020
Cartesian Style CNC
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

So for my senior project I decided to build a CNC router. I kind of need to get this done before May so we'll see what all goes down. It's going to be a 3 axis machine (for now) and will be able to handle 4x8 sheets of wood. This is my first build. It's going to be intresting..

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