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Archer - An extendable all metal 3D printer

Jul 15, 2016
Cartesian Style Bots
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This is an all metal build using OpenBuilds V-Slot linear rails to produce a high quality and cost effective 3D printer. The printer is designed to be scalable for your desired build area and can utilize high quality hotends with 16mm groove mounts such as E3D.

Large Delta Printer made from scrap 80/20

Feb 10, 2017
Delta Bots
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This printer will leverage scrap pieces around the shop to fulfill a single print's needs. It will use a combination of 80/20, OpenBuilds, and 3D printed parts.


Dec 12, 2016
H-Bot and Core XY
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This is my own modified version of the D-Bot printer. I wanted to spec this printer to be able to print exotic materials at high accuracy with little to no compromises and maximum reliability.

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