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      This is my own modified version of the D-Bot printer. I have designed / modified a part or two myself, and some other parts are ones I found off of thingiverse. (If I forgot to or miscredited a model, let me know!)

      This build comes in at around $750-$800. I wanted to spec this printer to be able to print exotic materials at high accuracy with little to no compromises and maximum reliability.

      I have been filming my progress building this 3D Printer on my Youtube channel Power Playground! Check out the 3D Printer VLOG video playlist: 3D Printer VLOG - YouTube

      Check out my Thingiverse page for all of the model files, BOM and Wiring diagram: PowerBot 3D Printer by PowerPlayground

      All credit for the original C-Bot design goes to cfeniak.
      Thanks to those who contributed at C-Bot
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    • CC - Attribution Share Alike - CC BY SA

    Reason for this Build

    I wanted a 3D Printer with a larger build space and with superior accuracy that I can use to print exotic materials with.

    Inspired by

    This is a derivative of the D-Bot and C-Bot Builds