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Barcelona Build

Dec 18, 2019
Cartesian Style CNC
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This will be my second CNC build but this time a proper CNC not a small desktop model that I played with for a while to learn Gcode, It was great but now its time to start playing with the big boys and girls.

Portable Diode Laser Cutter

Jan 2, 2019
Laser Cutter Builds
Build Progress
Build in Progress...

Integrating custom machined components and off-the-shelf CNC components to create a portable diode laser etcher with air assist and reasonably substantial z-axis travel.


Sep 2, 2018
Laser Cutter Builds
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Build Complete!

A minimalist 2-axis A2 sized laser diode cutter/engraver. Designed to give the most function using the very least number of parts at the lowest price.

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