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      Day 1

      3 December 2019

      All parts ordered for my new CNC build here in Barcelona, Spain from MakerSupplies in Denmark

      Over the last few days I have discovered I need some additional equipment, most of which I have or will convert, so if you are thinking of owning one of these and working in wood.

      These are the following items you might need to purchase or build.

      Dust Extraction
      Saw table with mitre, fence and sledge
      Jigsaw Table
      Router table with fence

      So this afternoon I finally blew the dut of my 3d printer that I had since my birthday in April this year and decided that the first on the list I have to mode is my router and build it into a decent router table so I have today printed the exhaust outlet for it.

      The cost iof this was ridiculous for 40 or 50mm outlets in the 30 euros region with postage to Spain so I printed one off courtesy of thingiverse and it cost 37 cents plus 2 hours print time, however I need to alter the thickness of it as I feel it's a little flimsy if you are going to be removing the hose like me.

      Well pleased with my first ever print, used artists contact spray to get it to stick which apparently is the biggest problem the first layer...after that easy peasey. This was printed on a Creality Ender Pro 3 with certified european electrics and straight out of the box. Unmodded.




      Day 1 over now.....very happy with my decision now to watch the build video.....!

      Been advised that tomorrow 6 December the parts are being readied for despatch, Delivery 3 to 5 days and we have a 3 day holiday now in Spain from the 6th so happy with that. Not planning to start the build until the christmas break in full as I need to order electronic parts for the Control box.

      6th December

      Received all tracking information and confirmation from MakerSupplies that the kit has been dispatched.

      7th December

      Currently looking at options for attachment of laser and air assist, also investigating changing current spindle Makita 700 RC to a small VFD 1.5 kw Water cooled spindle because of the noise. seeking further advice, been advised that this could cause some issues because of the weight of it and cause the bit not to be square to the workpiece. checking weights etc.

      12th December 2019

      Well everything has arrived now in the post, well wrapped and presented. Due to illness I have not been able to do anything with it apart from a quick look. hoping to do something this week

      Also I have been looking into Dust collection cyclone and purchased a cyclone unit, router tables and a saw table as with a machine of this size I am going to need these for preparation and finishing.

      Both of these will be home builds from equipment that I have on site.

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    To take my hobby one step further

    Inspired by

    Martin Barfoed
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