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      The RepRap Intro is an early-stage educational assembly project to produce a desktop 3D printer. The design development was primarily focused on an enjoyable, kinaesthetic assembly experience, as well as reliable operation and quality printed output. As such, the kit of parts is fully re-buildable, with robust, over-sized components and rugged electronics. It can serve as vehicle for the re-delivery of educational content (mechanical, electronics and computer engineering) in homes, schools, colleges and fablabs.

      The 3D printer is composed of a step-by-step sequence of sub assemblies. Each one addresses a different element of the machine (Electronics, Motors, Transmission etc.). The sequence is arranged intelligently, to help build up a conceptual (and practical) understanding of 'the physical computer'. Perhaps uniquely, each step in the assembly manual for this project is presented directly on a printer frame panel itself. The result is an intuitive, hands-on, learn-by-doing experience. It is hoped the project will connect students with the relevance and appeal of a study in engineering in a way more abstract approaches do not.

      The RepRap Project has enjoyed an organic growth around the world. Successive waves of user adoption enriched the community and hastened the gradual erosion of technical barriers to entry. But there is no reason the physical computer should not be simplified further. The RepRap Intro deliberately commodifies and curates the RepRap project in the hope of bringing it to a wider, younger audience.See www.3Distributed.com for more information
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    • CC - Attribution - CC BY

    Reason for this Build

    To encourage more young people into a career in Engineering

    Inspired by

    The modularity of Openbuilds, The principles of the RepRap Project
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