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      I build 300x300x250mm full metal parts v-slot 3d printing machine.
      This is in xy v-slot sliders, z 8mm pitch2 leadscrew, 4 pcs 0.9 degree nema stepper and
      feeder is 1/8 planetary geared stepper, controlled ramps1.4 in repetier 1.00 firmware,TMC2130
      stepp controller ics,omron optogate endstop everything,(z is dual optos endstop)dual power supply
      24 Volt 300W (this is only heatbed), 12 Volt 300W (aprox. this is stepper end extruder supply)
      and clone e3d j-head with bowden.

      1. Special Notes

        This is machine is finishing but i modified little bit some parts.
        If you would like building, pls tell me.
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    • CC - Attribution No Derivs - CC BY ND

    Inspired by

    Vulcanus, but i would like v-slot and closed chassis
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