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      I will be updating this as I go along and hopefully along the way I will have my own unique contributions to share with the community. For starters I would like to give a huge thank you to Mark Carew for designing such a solid platform for this build to stand on. And another thanks to Ryan Lock for the OOZNEST updates/instructions.

      The parts are starting to arrive
      Open builds really knows how to pack!

      image.jpeg image (1).jpeg image (2).jpeg

      First round of parts came off the printer. Big shout out to Gyrex on Thingiverse for the Models

      3d parts.JPG

      Models can be found here
      Ooznest OX CNC Machine (3D Printed ABS/PETG Parts)

      I had my first casualty today. I had myself some fried Arduino for lunch. should always remember to unplug things before touching power leads....


      Motors just came in with a bit of work needed to make them work

      The Nema23 steppers i received have only two hole and came with an anti-vibration plate attached
      image (5).jpeg image (4).jpeg

      I decided to roll with them and this is how it went.
      1. Making sure the round nubs are facing up, Drill and Tap as such. (I used a 7/32'' drill bit)

      2. Next drill out the motor.
      image (7).jpeg

      3. Success! (extra spacers may be required on Z axis mount)
      photo (1).JPG

      Took the plunge today and started cutting the rails. Successful in the end; Although I'm sure different tools would have made it easier. I'm still waiting on the x plates and all the wheels, but here is how it sits right now...
      photo (2).JPG

      Wheels came in today along with the eccentric spacers
      image.jpg image.jpg

      Had to make a change to the plates. The build volume of the printer couldn't handle the larger items, but.... the plasma cutter was more than happy to oblige.
      I'm still hoping to use as many of the 3d printed parts as i can, but we will see how it all works out

      Got the plates back from getting powder coated and managed to finish off the mechanical build. Looking forward to the electrical side.
      image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

      Had to take better pictures...
      20171004_202648.jpg 20171004_202710.jpg
      20171004_202727.jpg 20171004_202836 - Copy.jpg

      It took a while, but I finally decided how I wanted the controller put together.
      I give you the beginnings of... CON-SERVER-TROLLER!
      image.jpg image.jpg

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