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      I will be updating this as I go along. For starters I would like to give a huge thank you to Mark Carew for designing such a solid platform for this build to stand on. And another thanks to Ryan Lock for the OOZNEST updates/instructions.

      Open builds really knows how to pack!
      image.jpeg image (1).jpeg image (2).jpeg

      ***NEW 4/25/18***
      Picked up the project this week and finally made some headway with the wiring.
      IMG_20180425_183836069.jpg IMG_20180425_185550785_LL.jpg IMG_20180425_185528841.jpg

      Can't decide which buttons to use

      First round of parts came off the printer. Credit goes to Gyrex on Thingiverse for the Models. also, I t
      oasted the RAMPS board today. CNCxPro is on the way
      3d parts.JPG

      Models can be found here
      Ooznest OX CNC Machine (3D Printed ABS/PETG Parts)

      Cut the rails today.
      photo (2).JPG

      Wheels came in
      image.jpg image.jpg

      Had to make a change to the plates. The build volume of the printer couldn't handle the larger items, but.... the plasma cutter was more than happy to oblige.

      Some better pictures
      20171004_202648.jpg 20171004_202710.jpg
      20171004_202727.jpg 20171004_202836 - Copy.jpg

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